Redhat: Install OpenOffice 3.4.1

Linux Yazıları21/09/2012

1. Download 3.4.1 Linux Package


2. Change to root User

su -
## OR ##
sudo -i

3. Remove and Packages with following command

yum remove**

4. Extract Package and Access Directory 3.4.1

tar -xvf OpenOffice_3.4.1*

cd en-US

5. Block and libreoffice-ure package updates

In other words, “pin” and libreoffice-ure packages
Add exclude row to /etc/yum.conf file, under the section [main]:

## Edit file
nano -w /etc/yum.conf

## Add exclude row
[main]* libreoffice-ure*

6. Install / Update 3.4.0 RPM packages

rpm -Uvh RPMS/*.rpm RPMS/desktop-integration/openoffice.org3.4-redhat-*.rpm

7. Start 3.4.0

Start OpenOffice with Clicking Icons (found normally from menus) or Start OpenOffice with Following Command: